Stretch and Foam Roll Tutorials

Hitch Hiker Exercise

The Hitch Hiker Exercise is great for improving range of motion in your neck.

One Arm Lateral Raise

The One Arm Lateral Raise is a great exercise for improving core strength and low back stability.

The Neck Retraction

The Neck Retraction exercise is great for combatting text neck and strengthening the extensor muscles of the neck.

Overall Leg Stretch

1. Lie on your side, your bottom arm is going to grab your top knee and pull it to your chest
2. Your top arm is going to grab your bottom foot, and pull foot towards butt
3. Roll onto back to open up chest and shoulders
4. Hold for 2 minutes and repeat on other side


Hamstring Reach and Stretch

1. Sit up straight on the floor with legs extended in front of you
2. Take a deep breath in as you lift arms over your head
3. As you exhale bend forward to reach for your toes and grab as far as your hands land
4. Hold for one minute and repeat, being sure to repeat the breath and the lifting of your arms


Quad Stretch

1. Put a small pillow on the floor in front of a stationary chair
2. Place the top of your foot on the seat of the chair, as your bring your knee down to the mat
3. The opposite leg will be out in front at a 90 degree angle so the knee and ankle line up
4. Keep torso upright and shoulders back
5. Hold this position for two minutes, and then switch legs


Frog Stretch

1. On a mat, go down on your hands and knees
2. Spread your knees as far as you can
3. Push your hips back towards your feet and hold for 30 seconds
4. Repeat with knees spread a little wider


Runners Stretch

1. On hands and knees, bring right foot to the outside of the right hand
2. Gently push that right knee to the outside with the right elbow
3. Raise the left knee off the floor keeping the leg as straight as possible
4. Hold for one minute and repeat on the opposite side


Calf Stretch

1. Lean against an immovable counter, or desk.
2. Go into a push up position
3. Keep the right heel on the ground, and cross the left heel across your body in front of you
4. Bend your elbows and hold that stretch for 30 seconds
5. Repeat opposite side


Chest Opener

1. Lie on side, bring knees towards chest at 90 degrees
2. Keep knees pinned together. Stretch arms straight out in front of you
3. Take top arm and reach back behind you opening up your chest so that you are looking up at the ceiling
4. Keep bottom arm in contact with the floor
5. Do 10 on each side



1. Begin on your hands and knees
2. Slide your right knee forward, and align the right heel over towards the left hip
3. Slide your back leg straight behind you
4. Fold your torso forward over the right knee


Foam Roll Exercises

Front of Legs

1. Lay on top of a lacrosse ball, with the ball positioned at the top of your thigh
2. Bend the opposite leg out to the side
3. Keep your body low to the ground, and slowly roll your body up the ball to the knee
4. Repeat on other side. Do 2-3 passes


Shin/calf with Tennis Balls

1. Tape two tennis balls together with duct tape
2. On your hands and knees, place the balls right below your kneecap
3. Slowly roll the balls down to your ankle
4. For your calves, sitting upright with your legs extended in front of you, place the ball under your ankle, and roll the balls up to your knee, lifting your buttocks off the floor
5. You can take your opposite leg and place it on top of the leg you are working for added resistance
6. Do 2-3 passes


1. Sitting upright, place the foam roller under your buttocks
2. Roll up and down the back of your leg
3. Continue for 2-3 minutes